1234 FIVE 6789 the story of I Am

Our world(s) and words have many meanings. Our purpose is to experience them.

Your name is Five and you are alive. You are the central figure. All answers are on one hand. Remain seated and open some space and quiet in your mind. You are about to be revealed that “all answers are on one hand”, your hand.

This article will prove that all history, language and anatomy are all I Am made. You are walking as 3 entities internally and your experience is of three entities on the external.

Internally, 1234 is the Feminine/Act/Ion side, externally, 6789 is the Masculine/Outcome side, FIVE is your Unique Will and life force. Each Woman or Man is formatted internally, the same way in black and white terms. Externally, we each season, color and shade ourselves uniquely within our experiences and views of the outer world.

‘Externally’, we value the input from external stimuli into our senses or sensual receptors. We see three things externally, Feminine forces of Nature, Masculine forces of Nature and a central Mystery pivot point of Parity.

external internal eternal

The ‘external’ view or format of all things is the same internally, inside the workings and mystery of our anatomy. We ‘see’ the world generally, as myself and all others or One/Many. The anatomy, as a word also voices ana/One and to.my/many. Your anatomy is one body of many independent entities.

1 Eternal
5 Internal
2 Eternal
4 External
3 Eternal
total is 15, the modern position for P
meaning Pi or π

Another name for you is ‘al’ or numerically that is A/1 + L/11 or “111”. All words that end in ‘al’, speak to your ‘existence’. (phonetically, existence is “Axis Stance”)

Finding Lost Keys

How do we find our lost keys? We retrace our steps, where we have been before.
How do we find our Ki of resonance to our purpose? We listen.
How do we listen? We List “N”.

the “N” is the Contention of Form

What is “N”? Discover below some of your history and all of the future from what happened before and the progression of language, our ‘lane gauge’ to what preceded or came before.

The “few chore” for the future. Proving again the culling world we live. CHORE is saying “CH”/chop/parse/define + Ore aka the gold, treasure, fruits of labor.

Why is “N” important”
It represents many things including two poles, connected on the one side at the top and the other at the bottom with a third slanted elongated pole. It is a very important piece of the puzzle of the language and the lane gauge to what came before.

All of our content
has come from what has preceded. The following document aims to relieve you of all stressors by proving this point. “con” means ‘coming together to gather’ — “tent” recognizes the safe place to be saving, aggregating all events within the format of “parity”. “Coming together, to gather and save in a safe place”.

Plagues Floods Cataclysms

In 1666 the black plague was a mysterious circus air virus that travelled through the air across the countryside laying death and sickness everywhere – by great mystery. For 350 years, countless stories have been written on the personal and community sagas of those affected and how they responded.

One written and published work is of the town of Eyam, (pronounced Eem), is a small village high in the Derbyshire Peak District not far from Chatsworth, the seat of the Duke of Devonshire. In 1665, the plague is said to have arrived at this village via a parcel delivered to the local tailor. The story of the plague, the villagers, and their self-imposed quarantine to stop the plague spreading throughout the county has been told many times by oral legends and the written word.

This so called “Great Plague of London” was the almost end of a plague era from 1331 to 1750 with many ailments mis-attributed to a mysterious air virus. The “Black Death” so called, coincides with the greatest financial crash and NWO worldwide takeover of economics, social will and governments from 1347 – 1351 with the date of the financial crash of 1345. 1345 being a featured number used in modern world dominating currencies. A tribute to the club of rome.

Point being of above history, is that all things arrive in cycles of rise, peak, fall and rest.

Latin/literal/BW vs English/theoretical/colors

Latin speakers focus their perspective on what was known to have happened before making it literal and historical based. English is more colorful and based on theoretical or what may come in the future, or futuristic in nature. (Aka artistic, ideological, fantastical.)

Latin is historical, based on what has been seen before, no ideologies. English is theoretical. It seeks what has not been seen before, causing it to include ideologies and theories. Latin is from Angels, English desires the angles, every possible ‘angle’.

1234 FIVE 6789 makes 7 or “S” Even

1234 is the ‘Alpha’ side of origin, one entity. 6789 is the ‘Beta’ side of outcomes and omega. FIVE is the Child of Creation and the central figure – each Woman or Man or Earth. All people are citizens of the Earth. Citizen states phonetically, Citi Zen. “CIT” in Latin means freeman or private person/resident. The sein part came later as ‘citisein’. Seine means “hunting net”.

Tract, the word meant “a large tract of land for hunting large animals”. The modern citizen finds himself within a hunting net. (‘tract’ forms part of the word contract)

The format of our existence is seen in 1234 FIVE 6789 not only as 3 parts, central with two flankers, but also as FIVE with two entities flanking. This count makes FIVE in the center flanked by 2 entities or a total of seven. Seven plainly states “S” Even.

Alphabet and alpha beta also have a central figure

(j) is counted as ZERO in numeric value.

“N” the 13th letter of numeric value is flanked evenly, it is the central figure, 12 on the alpha side and 12 on the beta side. What does “N” and plural of “N” mean? We can look at what has come before to see:

(history of N) – Ens Ants Ence Ance Entia Antia Esse

“ance” and “ence” are used extensively in English and are born from Latin antia and entia which are the Feminine and Masculine plurals of Ens. In English, ance and ence generally mean “more of”.

Remembering that Latin is literal, historical and based on precedence, their meaning of ‘antia’ and ‘entia’ were “existence and metaphysical/supernatural”. A real thing, an entity, as opposed to “an attribution”. Not a guess or a color, it was literal and historical.

Antia is the feminine and Entia is the Masculine. Together they are “AE” which is short for Apple Eye and All in Everything.

Ens – the story of N E W S

‘ens’ is the singular of Antia/Entia and it means metaphysical, supernatural, magical, immersed with All.

  1. being or existence in the most general abstract sense

Note that Latin term Ens carries all but one of the 4 cardinal directions. The “4” itself, claims F-Our and For-M. ENS is an acronym for Est North/South. It is written they had permanent light and there was no darkness in their times. No Sun rising and falling. No epic 24 hour ‘clocks’, (clock spells C Lock).

In our times we have and added a fourth direction, West. West is a combination of “W” (double-you)and est or East. The “double-you est” – speaks to our daily 24 hour epics of rebirth and sun rising and our focus on life versus death and vice versa. In our times, we are aggregating unified eternal life and balance, with the experience of “seeking it”.

The original word origin of Ens is ‘esse’, showing the progression of the latin speakers. With Ens we have the phonetics of “NS”. With ‘esse’ we have the phonetics of “S”. In modern times we use N E W S, so the phonetics of “news” is snooze or noose. These sounds are common across modern English.

Life and Form from Gamma

“Life” makes the word Five with the Gamma symbol ‘Γ’. When you add a dash to ‘Γ’ it makes an “F”. Then interchange the “f” for a “v” and you see FIVE. For reference see the following example of f and v trading places:

  • reFerence
  • reVerence

One Hand carries All Answers

Self – anatomy -LIFE- Nirvana – Zen

Above shows FIVE parts, the planning fingers on your Hand, FIVE. This is 1/2 of the answers on one hand. After planning with the FIVE fingers – (notice) not/ice that FIVE is also making a phrase saying —
“F” I’ve or “F” I Have. 5 is saying “Six I have”. “F” is the 6th letter.

“F” is “T” makes the word FIST and is the Sixth answer on your hand, the second half of completion, the final solution to “all answers are on one hand”. It means to close the hand into a fist to fight or work/act. After a plan is made we “take actions”.

Planning only

Planning only is “the way” to stay and do it again and again and never see “a gain”. Everything is spelled out in the language, sounds and anatomy, and your living mortal body.

“F” is 6. –Five owns Six. You and i and each Woman or Man is a “Six/Sex” — and we each use our Speech to grow, learn, morph, progress, create. —

“SPEECH” is SP + Each.

Core Rage (courage) cannot be purchased, it can be discovered from discovery only. Courage is known, when it is shown, “all answers are on one hand”.

“F is T” (fist) is a hand and gives the answer to all questions and the solutions to any quandary.

“F” is “6 and Six and Sex”
F and 6 are Woman or Man
Γ is Gamma, add a – for “F”
a d’ash for clarity

“T” is Parity (equilibrium in continuum)
“IS” is is — “I” + “S” and the sound of “izz”
“FIST” — all answers are on one hand.


Once you uncover all the probabilities, all that will be left is the improbable
as you always knew. It spells improbable or I M Probable.

If i want to be ‘improven’ i say it as a phrase – I M Proven
If i want possibility, I will sing “I M Possibility

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