Telling the Future is Eazy

prognosticating philology of the lane gauge
todaze words are prognosis and karma
and EM, Elect/Magnet


ELECTRICITY – Elect + Tri City(s)
Elect is Woman/Man on Earth
tri cities are Rome, DC, and LC (elect vs tri-cities within the MA or Magnet)

We are all walking Magnets of Essence. All power is drawing Inward to the center of our Hearts. This action on our mortal form, causes a bursting of our Essence through our Form. This causes experiences that are creative and morphing and all directed by mentality of a Self or more than one Self gathering.

“EM” or “ME” is Magnet/Elect or Measure Equal, our anatomy and Universe. Where Magnet goes, Elect follows, and vice versa.

MAGNET – Magi inward dynamic + “NT”, 13+19=”32″

alpha=gnos + 8
beta=tic+pro (implies opposite)
pro- gnos – tic-8? —

PRE means forward or “beyond, in front of, before.”
PRO means “for and before” (four and form implied)
GNOS is coming to know or knows or gnosis, tic is the ouroboros clock, 8 is the crossings and resets.

Prognosis, promise, portending, predicting, foretelling, foreshadowing, apttern resolution, guidance via precedence, signs, testimony, evidence, anticipate, forewarn, forebode, proclaim, prophesicing are all the same. It is all pattern resolution based on ‘what has been seen and done before’. In other words, precedence or “profits seized” before. IE., it has been seen and done before.

“To tell of/describe beforehand”

Kar is same as cor so it means “the Heart”
MA is acronymic for Magnet + A/One or “one magnet.” The combination makes sums in a continuum, always measurable by precedence or what has preceded.

KARMA means “to make form” in Antiquity Persian. In Buddha terms, it is “what is in your Urn” to date, your movie. Karma is your sum of achievements and debts. Individuals play many roles over many lifetimes on the ST Age of Hearts and Earths.

In Vedic times, your Urn or what was in your Urn were your karma “action, work, deed; fate,” related to Sanskrit krnoti, Avestan kerenaoiti “makes,” Old Persian kunautiy “he makes.”

In USA/Hollywood/gov-mil, the karma is presented as Grays, Pleiades and Reptilians or A Lienz, a debt, a bill to be paid.

The PIE root *kwer leads to terato and terat meaning “marvel, monster,” from combining form of Greek teras (genitive teratos) “marvel, sign, wonder, monster.”

karma is de-constructible, KAR is Heart, MA is Magic Air as an acronym.
karuma is more truthful, KAR is Heart, MA is Magic Air as an acronymm U is the Urn where you live and save your life movie, where you learn, earn, Urn and occasionally, burn?


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