Guest to Ghost – Life’s best is at rest, civil wars wreck our highest nest

God does not speak in your head
in your head you are the head

If gods intervened in your head
the person in charge would be dead

Every unique is a frequency modulation
of condemnation to adulation

the woke become broke as they love the yoke
a coke and a toke is a joke and a soak to a bloke

to evoke smoke is to create fire
the air you choke gets you ire

is it time to revoke the woke
to unyoke from the stroke

will i be stoic
after i know it

the future is controllable!
Make the past knowable

Few chore the future tho.
focus the past for the flow.

precedence is the key and the ki
to any precedence sent to thee

Life’s best is at rest, civil wars wreck our nest. At rest and sleep we meet our essence and our anatomy can focus directly on re-assembling the preceding day’s events back into Order. We repeat this every evening until dawn or morning. It is a repeating with the East rising Sun. It is “R”epeating est, or est.

This repeating cycle shows us our anatomy is a natural event, a natural cycle and natural magic. It restores itself to balance and auto corrects every 24 hours during rest/sleep.

In Latin history, the esse was preceding the ens word or the T. When esse is straddled by Ens and T, we see NST or nest. The language history/evolution shows us we have nestled ourselves into a safe and contained nest of various contained or uncontained creations.

Repeat Repeart Re Pair
Our “R”epeating is a repeat of P and R because the R is a P shape with a leg to movement and because the two of them, P and R are straddling “Q” in the alpha beta,. “PQR”.

Guest or Quest go with the concept of ‘est’ and words that end in “ST”, est, ast, ost, ist, ust.

Words ending in est: best west test rest nest pest lest vest zest jest fest gest hest guest chest crest quest –

EST generally means East and where the Sun appears each morning. There are deeper ruminations and spiritual mystic’s answers to est also regarding the Essence of mortal life or source of the power. It has also been connected to originating in Sanskrit usah “dawn;” Greek ēōs “dawn;” Latin Aurora “goddess of dawn,” auster “south wind;” Lithuanian aušra “dawn;” Old English east “east.”

7949 words ending in “st”. 4-letter words that end in st, just most last must best cost past west east list lost test rest fast post host vast cast dust nest bust fist mist pest rust lust lest vest mast zest gist oust gust jest fest cyst hast kist gast hist dost bast psst wast gest oast hest cist

Dogma Doctrine Gods

dogmA is Am God in mirror
doctrines are docked trinity
prophecy is profit siezed (b4)
analogy is ‘ana’ + logic + y/quest
analogical is ana + logical
sim to analogous

Bewitched TV is B + W + Itched — Tee + V/21

je suis
je sus – easy choice

hydra and hydro to otter and other

Hydra is a water snake and ghost myth in Greek times. Named Linnaeus for it’s regenerative ability to grow a new head of the many it has. Many animals including humans have different levels of regeneration abilities to the point where a flatworm can be pieced into 32 pieces and regrow and entire head and body from each piece. See here:

Hydra is related to Sanskrit udrah “aquatic animal” and Old English ottur for water being. The sea otter shows the uniqueness and togetherness bond that human water beings hold. Implying Otters is also Others.

Before vowels in Greek/Latin times it was hydr for “water” Hydrogen adds ‘gen’ meaning “gene” or “give birth, beget,” leading to creation, familial and hierarchal groups.

Hydrogen is the most prevalent particle in Air. Atomic number 1. Symbol is H, the 8th letter. Hydrogen is derived from Greek words meaning “maker of water.” Hydrogen is present in all animal, vegetable tissue and oil. Hydrogen is in almost all carbon compounds plus it forms multitudes of compounds and connections with all other elements (except a few noble gases).

Gas makes Guest & Ghost & Goes & Guess

guess makes guest and ghost phonetically. Guest and Quest are eerily similar. Words and phrases that rhyme with guest: (481 results)

Like birds and animals, we are sharing in the Air, Share Care Where There Dare Nare and so on
Endings are “N” Dings, no worries. Like birds and animals, we are sharing in speech and hearing each other.

NEVER is NVR as a based word

NOSTALGIA – gNOS + Tao + Gha + ea (if pronounced correctly)
AE is all in everything, welcome, 1 to 5 is 15, letter “P”
– we are in a branch of a universe tree

few chore 4 future, we live in a cull world, only the best thrive and survive. Only strength needs ‘refunding’ or re-sourcing, peace lasts forever. Lean on peace and live forever. who wants? Each of us is 100% self determined in all matters. Alone is a good code, “111”. Each of us suits ourself with our suit of CHOICE,

the lane gauge X Poses all and the continuum, in a continuum, nothing gets lost or missed, be it learned, urned or burned.

Opposites of Hello Good Bye – Highest Law

Good bye, meaning God be with you is implying and directing that there is a separate god and it may or may not consider you and your life. Hell Oh is a first face to face greeting and it says as a phrase and spelled “Hell in the O”

old testament is “over time OT”,
new testament is “N Time” NT, OT NT is NOT “T”
Earth spells Heart, Herat and The Ra, Thera is a real place

Venetians are the hebrew mystical gang leading entire earth pop now since 1345 AD, but all strength is temporary.
Peace never needs refunding, it is permanent, it is the source of all power and is existing as whole inside each Woman or Man making each of them the Highest Law as they realize and proclaim it.

FVEra (Females Vengeance Era)
the word fave bases to “FV”, a very imp letter pair and code
paired to “FV” is ae, meaning all in everything

Every unique is a frequency modulation
of condemnation to adulation

Is the soul soil,
is it oil in toil

Idolatry will be scorned as mortality sheds
the soul is reborn and moves with the deads

con’ means coming together to go out (in Latin)

we discovered we and any person is 100% self-determined and gets credit for everything they land on or affect

every human is a unique frequency, and independent persona of assembled and aggregated frequencies of experiences over many millennia.

Hell’s Oh greetings are opp to good bye, meaning ‘god be with ye’
Hell Oh? – Good bye!

ennead says nine means neign, an inverted six, neign repps zilch

“un” are both same symbol but inverted

Eli-un means elevating or promoting “un” doing

a type of unwrapping. ‘not bad!’

w/e we say to ourselves – appears, it is natural magic. Try saying “i want to be a better learner and have strong active brain cells and brain function”

by placing this idea in front of your nose – it will appear

‘con’ means coming together to go out (in Latin)

we discovered we and any person is 100% selfdetermined and gets credit for everything they land on or affect

the “X” App, intends to hide the real meaning of “X” and make you 100% dependent on It. In an effort to get your 100% approval to become a human pet slave to the elites. We have proven this 1000’s of ways and with 1 million co-researchers, the media gang is hiding this truth, else you would resist.

Elon Musk the word, translates to ‘the singularity’, as elon musk means “lone testicle” in older languages and origin of these words.


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