“MT” Mental means Men Tau — 2day is 1:1 -9- 1:1

Cycles are loops and pools. We live in a closed loop by mental choice. The loop is a psy cull as we are the Prime Psychologists. Built from the pool.

secret of time – “One fore EL Even” 14.11.2023 symmetry

When you are on the clock, you are at work. When we are off the clock, we play. Whenever “we lose time”, we are very focused or playing. Both have a sense of untying from time, for a time.

24 twenty four, is a 1440 dream


We will decode the daily Woman Man epic of 24 hours. Each of us has contained the Christ Essence in our skin, anatomy and pulsing Heart. We Resurrect each AM to walk another day in Christ Shoes. Not the Man Y shua, but the Essence and the Mystery / “EM”.

11.11 = i2i day, secrets to 1111 & truth — “X” Aisle (exile)

Truth, the word deconstructs to reveal what ‘truth’ is. Phonetically, it speaks with 4 phonemes, TR + U + th …

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No. 2 and 11 decoded

Many ancient cultures regarded number 9 (or ‘Nine’) as a symbol of perfection, unity, and freedom. Even in ancient Egypt, it was attached great importance to the meaning of numbers. They were used to predict the future.

Numerology Meaning of Life 45,526 times

the basics
numer-ology – logic in a loop, the meaning of life, 45,526 culminations and counting… ask us

The WiFi RR (revolving repulsion)

What we “do not see” is the energetic toroidal field of the Apple Earth Universe emanating from the center of the Earth Universe. This field is merged with all animated beings on …

Take anything you want, my “little wing”

Walk in my shoes today with a sunrise and some ruminations/recalls/re-cause. Today’s sunrise sungaze at bottom of page.

A 7 age boy and a 170 year old sage

A boy was walking through the woods after wandering and came across a Sage sitting next to a Willow tree. The sage eyed the boy and the boy eyed the sage, without hesitation, the boy came to the front of the sage and sat down in front of him.

What does it mean to exist? (Ecstasy continuum)

selective focus photography of hustle and bust text

ecstasy (also spelled ecstasie, extacy, extasy, etc.),will be the effect/result of ending the world’s quandaries, there is a similar phrase sounds that like the word ‘ecstasy’: “X is T” – and it will end the world’s quandaries.

H8¿ Saving the Gender Universe — Mentality is Essence ME?

H8¿spells H + Ate and hate – Y? — red-gen-der

Language is sounds and symbols arranged to provide context, flavor, emotion and beliefs. Each person powers their own speech with muscular biologic function and pushing/squeezing of Air….