Apple Eye Earth

One of the greatest stories ever told is the one about the Apple Eye Earth. Watch this page for the full revelation.

Apple Eye Earth Universe

Above is the format of all things in the Earth Anatomy Universe. Explained below. the quests repeating, ST Age of Life, the dramatis personae, the personas. The story of one of us and the story of all of us.

Apple is Application and was before and after form – it is energy arranged into form to make an experience. The toroidal field surrounding living things and the Earth helps to prove this.

Eye is the Persona of Essence, a partner with Essence, the human being. If Essence is the source power of all things, is it possible to be part Essence? Is it more probable we are all Essence + more?

Earth is what creation and living things are made from, the elements of earth and the land.

The Eye/I is always the central figure, the “I” is the third after Apple and Earth, or the Child of Creation. The Essence of Creation joins in equal partnership with the Child as the provider of choices and Parity. The Child is the unique decider and each Child makes decisions uniquely.


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